higher pleasure/ lower pleasure

•September 22, 2008 • 2 Comments

Mills brings an interesting argument about pleasures. However, i don’t think he’s right about the higher pleasures being better than the lower pleasures. It has been proven that animals have intelligence such as dolphins and gorillas. Animals have the capacity of having higher pleasure like us but sometimes people tend to forget about that. And aren’t we, humans, animals at the end of the day? So the issue of them being animals shouldn’t be an issue with higher and lower pleasures. And aren’t the lower pleasure basic things for survival. It shouldn’t matter which one is better. Pleasures are pleasures and are needed regardless of being higher or lower.


Moral Responsibility/Utilitarianism

•September 18, 2008 • 1 Comment

Well to be honest that all depends on what state of mind your in,a persons morals can change depending upon what is going through there head at the time. A person can do something in the heat of a strong emotion which would temporarily change his or her sense of right and wrong,for example a man catching his spouse cheating might do something drastic that he would normally never do.Other deciding factors are if a person is mentally fit to understand whats right and wrong,if not they may not see things the way the rest of society would.So i think depending on the circumstances surrounding the action dictates how morally responsible we are for our actions.My answer tells us that utilitarianism depends on several factors other than the initial action such as state of mind,circumstances surrounding the action and the persons belief of right and wrong.


•September 14, 2008 • 2 Comments

When taking away the power God has over dictating what is right and what is wrong, in essence you take away God itself. God is the ultimate authority on the proverbial notion of what is good and evil,without god calling the shots the world would fall into disarray,because who gets to decide what is right or wrong if not a supreme being than who? Since no human is perfect and everyone sense of right and wrong differs,no one but a supreme being can dictate what is wrong and right so God must have a plan and a reason for all of his actions. If people started to think of god as a being,who can make mistakes and doesn’t have a grand plan for the world,it would make God no different from us. So what would make God more worthy of worship than say me or you?


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God could do anything God would want to do. Therefore, if God wanted to change how he or she felt about morality then he or she could. God is a super being so as a result he or she cannot make mistakes. If God choose to change what he or she deems to be moral it would be in our best interest for what he or she does is for us all. Since he or she chooses what is moral, whatever he or she changes it to, would be moral in our eyes. I feel it really wouldn’t matter, if he or she changes it or not because, as history shows us humans don’t always take morality into account concering their actions. So whether he or she changes it or not humans who do whatever they feel right or wrong because morality is what we make of it.

Cultural Relativism and Religion

•September 7, 2008 • 3 Comments

Through out history there have been and still exist many religions. Religions have changed over centuries as well as some have new ones came about. Such as Christianity separted from the Jewish religion. Over hundreds of years christianity have gone on many different cursades as well as trying to educate and convert those who didn’t believe in christianity. Many of these places wouldn’t have converted but in some way where forced into believing in it. Is it right for Christians to force other civilizations, who had no choice, but to accept the religion or was it wrong? Cultural Relativism tells us that we should relate one’s beliefs  and how they were raised to speak for their actions. So in other words cultural relativism tells us to accept the fact that christians were raised to spread the good news to others no matter what they had to do. Such as the bloody wars of the cursades in the middle ages. When not only did they convert people but took people’s lands.  This is more evident in the middle ages than present day today.

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